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Poner iconos de llamada perdida, correo.... en pequeño en el LockScreen, como??

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    Sabeis como puedo poner los iconos de aviso de llamadas perdidas, mensajes, correo..... como en estos ejemplos?? Quiero que aparezcan el el LockScreen.

    He mirado si se puede hacer desde LockInfo pero no lo consigo.

    Con Notifier los tengo puestos pero me salen a color y con globos los avisos encima pero ya es otra opcion ademas del LockScreen y me gustaria que saliera sin tener que usar Notifier para los iconos.




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    Entonces tendria que mirar/buscar temas de LockScreen que hagan esto con los avisos, no es nada que deba modificar yo, no?

    Sabes donde pudo conseguir alguno ?? Estos ejemplos los he visto en Google.


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    He encontrado esta info, puede ser aplicable a todos los temas??


    I’m not sure to how many people this may apply to, but I for one have been trying to get rid of the Lockinfo labels that appear when the tweak Is first installed. Now even though Lockinfo is probably the greatest Cydia tweak, and a lot of it is already customizable, this is one thing that wasn’t, but probably should be.

    If you’re like me and a few of my friends that love Lockinfo and a great Lockscreen wallpaper or theme; then you know that Lockinfo can sometimes get in the way of this combination!

    Well this is something I’ve discovered over the past few days which helps tidy up your Lockinfo/Lockscreen quite a bit and I’m going to guide you through it.

    Using iFile or SSH navigate to: /Library/Lockinfo/Plugins/

    In this directory you will see all the plugins to your Lockinfo.

    Your going to do this with all the plugins you want labels removed from, but we’ll demonstrate with the Phone & Missed Call plugin first. (/Library/Lockinfo/Plugins/PhonePlugin.bundle).

    In the Phone folder is a bunch of language folders, English is the en.lproj folder and inside this is a file inside named Localizable.strings.

    Open this with a text editor and it should display this:

    “Missed Calls” = “Phone”;

    “Voicemail” = “Voicemail”;

    You going to delete the text that says “Phone”, but leave the quotation marks.

    It should read as this:

    “Missed Calls” = “”;

    For the SMS Plugin it remove the second SMS in the the line “SMS” =”SMS”;

    Do this for all your Plugins you want to remove labels for, and you Lockinfo should look like the one above!

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